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Never Far from Home

Jan 26, 2022

Scott Graham joins the show. We were able to dive into his timeline, exploring his youth hockey days in Westminster, CO, all the way to his Italian year in the Alps. Scott tells of the many connections the rink has brought him, and we touch on his other love, guiding. Be it on the rink, or on the water, his...

Jan 17, 2022

Ben Sheridan joins the podcast after being a big fan for a long time. Ben comes on to share his stories of hockey, though sparse. While there may not be a huge tie to the game we love, in terms of playing, Ben has been a huge supporter of Never Far from Home, and we get to have a little fun. Enjoy!


Jan 14, 2022

Dennis Borland tells his story of falling in love with the game as a fan, and when that developed into trying it for the first time. As the day came for him to suit up, he fell in love with being a goalie, and has played that position since. We talk about his unorthodox timeline, and get into an accident that left...

Jan 6, 2022

Ken Bonham shares stories from his childhood, growing up in the greater Detroit area. He talks about his family, his passion for the game that developed at a young age, and then having the game taken from him for a few years. Upon his return, he also found officiating, and what a ride that has taken him on. We also...